How COVID-19 Has Changed Our Lives

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Although the pandemic changed the way companies and businesses are functioning, the way they handle their taxes did not change much. They need to have their books, invoices, and other information in place when they are coordinating the process. In the past, we used to send a person from our team to the offices of our clients. They would sit along with them, get through the process of understanding their expenses and work backwards on balancing their books among other bookkeeping services.

There were a lot of changes made to the process as people, for most of the pandemic, do not even go to the office. Most of the teams at the office are working remotely and coordinating taxation, and the details in a company bank statement can be quite challenging if they are done remotely.

Over the next couple of months, to maybe a year, we will work remotely for the most part, as we have done in the past. We were quite fortunate to get through the pandemic and have a decent amount of work to get through. Several businesses have closed down or slowed down around us; therefore, leaving us with less work as well, as our work depends on the amount of work done by our clients.

We are working with our existing clients to lower their costs and help them get through the harsh days of national lockdowns. We have also noticed that markets are starting to open, and businesses are on their way to getting back to usual. It might take some time, but the changes that are now taking place are positive. We might all have to work remotely, as we have done so in the past for some more time before we can begin preparing to work at the office again. One of the primary challenges that we encounter is getting all the information needed to provide the best services possible.

We all work from our home offices as we cannot meet clients and meeting each other at the office is not a priority. Although we are all working remotely, there are no changes to our working hours, and we are working hard to maintain the same amount of work as we had to initially slow the work that we were doing.

When it comes to bookkeeping, the information that we coordinate and pass around can sometimes be confidential, so we had to make some changes to adapt to them. We had to learn using several new communication software to get through these processes. We work with Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, T-sheets and Hubdoc.

Additionally, if it were up to us, we are open to having in-person meetings with our clients. We take precautions, keep our distance, and always wear our masks. Furthermore, we only coordinate meetings if our clients are open to them. Our most important requirement is making sure that everyone is comfortable. We do have several clients who do not want to meet in person, and we coordinate with them remotely, using Zoom, Hangouts and WhatsApp, although the process might take a little longer. We are open to taking part in virtual public events and business Expos if the opportunity arises.

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