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Bookkeeping Services Calgary, Alberta and Kelowna, BC

Calgary Bookkeeper
Kelowna Bookkeeper

With over two decades of unparalleled experience in both the private and public sector. We are dedicated to producing high-quality work for our clients.  We have worked with a wide variety of different business, not only helping with their bookkeeping but also in training in-house staff as well as consulting.

    • All Accounting Functions to Year-end

    Here at ALL-PRO Bookkeeping & Consulting Ltd. we will take your Company through the full accounting cycle to prepare you for your Company’s Year-end.

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    • Remittances for payroll and GST

    Government remittances are prepared in a timely manner, while ensuring all information is recorded accurately and concisely.

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    • Job Costing / Class Coding

    Improve your bottom line by tracking all expenses and revenues as they pertain to a specific job’s budget and it’s profitability.

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    • Payroll Services

    Maintain your payroll records, issue pay cheques, Records of Employments and T4’s, T4A’s and T5018’s as required.

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    • Consulting Services
    • Debt Management
    • Cash-Flow Forecasting
    • Evaluation of your company’s financial condition

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    • Other Services
    • GST Reporting
    • Inventory Adjustments
    • Year-end Review & Preparation for the Accountant
    • Accounting Software Conversion

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